A Gateway to the

Highest Timeline Available


If you have received this invitation, it is because you have been nominated, seen, and recognized for the frequency you are carrying and your commitment to your purpose. 

Portal (por·tal):  

A gateway, bridge between worlds, vortex between dimensions, ascension vessel into the quantum. 


A symbolic crossing, rite of passage, initiation

where council may naturally leave behind anything (physical/mental/emotional/energetic/



which does not serve to support the New Earth paradigm shift

and creates space to receive the new frequencies and codes,

which serve to elevate the individual, the collective, and the New Earth. 




A full spectrum gathering and reuniting of sacred council to enhance, elevate, and refine the inner and outer portal through embodiment of plant medicine and a curated 12-week integration container.




(By invitation or nomination only)


The Essence

The Essence

  • A deepening of your purpose, mission, ways to serve and contribute with your unique gifts in collaboration with Galactic tribe​

  • Unlocking, attuning, calibrating your innate super powers, senses, DNA and receptors

  • Profound certainty of who you are, why you chose to incarnate and an illumination of next steps 

  • Embodiment of your 5D self

  • Collapsing timelines and releasing frequencies that detain you from your highest ascension and those symbolic of humanity and archaic archetypes

  • Entering this portal is the gateway to your highest available timeline 


A ceremony where Ancient and Galactic wisdom merge to enable new codes and receptors to come online and facilitate the most aligned conscious ascension

for the individual and collective.


The Journey

The Journey

  • Upgrade the trillions of  cells in your body to ascend as the master of your reality 

  • Up level your abundance frequency to open up to receiving all that is in alignment with your soul and claiming your divine mission/purpose

  • Abolish upper limits to authentic success so you can live from your optimized capacity and soul-aligned vision 

  • Connect deeply with galactic tribe and awaken collaborative potentials

  • Release limiting beliefs, archetypal, and ancestral patterns from your DNA and New Earth paradigm 

  • Eradicate subconscious programs from past timelines to access increased levels of energy

  • Attune and elevate your innate super powers and gifts

  • Shift your mindset, aligned with your vision, for accelerated manifestation

  • Receive weekly activations, energetic tune-ups & guidance for a full spectrum integration of detoxification protocols, ceremonies and physical/mental/emotional/energetic release to embody and co-create your reality

  • Accelerate your multi dimensional evolution

The Facilitators

The Facilitators

The Details

The Minutiae

What is Covered:

  • Pick up from the Nosara airport in a group shuttle on arrival day and drop off at the Nosara airport on departure day or designated Nosara meeting point
  • Cozy accommodations for 7 nights
  • Vegan high vibe meals and fasting support  
  • Numerous workshops to facilitate deep transformations—activations, breath work, meditation, or yoga to connect deeply to your intuition
  • Entrance fees, tips, and transportation to sites on itinerary
  • A farewell dinner party
  • Lots of fun activities, laughter, connections, love and joy!
  • ​12 group coaching calls/ activations/ energy tune-ups for weekly support & integration before & after the retreat

What is not Covered:

  • Round-trip airfare to Costa Rica from your home city 
  • Round-trip airfare or shuttle to Nosara
  • Any pre and/or post travel arrangements
  • Souvenirs, personal phone calls, spa services, laundry, concierge services 
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance 
  • Doctor visits for testing. 

Other Important Details:

An All-Inclusive Access

An All-Inclusive Access


Enjoy organic, high vibrational food prepared by a private chef. We will be following the Dieta, a special diet that works best with ayahuasca. 



Guests will stay in one of the 2 villas with comfortable rooms for privacy and relaxation. 



Work with our shaman who have studied with the Shipibo tribe and bring to the ayahuasca an innovative crystal technology that allows for more profound healing & upgrades & access to downloads, as well as a gentler integration process. 



Foster lasting connections with kindred game changers over this 3 month virtual container & one week in Costa Rica, all designed to support you becoming the highest version of your self.



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